Healthy eating tips for your road trip across Canada

Every year beautiful and vibrant Canadian cities like Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal see enterprises of rental-car road travelers who set out to a cross-country road adventure. Reading our tips to healthy eating will ensure your wellness and help you feel good throughout this venture.

Prepare early

Plan out what you would like to have, days before hitting the road. Make a list of the meals and snacks for each day out there. Once the menu is all chalked out, assign days of the week to each set of meals so that your rations stay well provisioned and sufficient. Head out to the supermarket and buy everything you think may not be available once you’re on the move. Make a few pre-made ready-to-go-at meals that will rid you of cooking or cleaning up the dishes on some days.

Learn some easy recipes

There’s nothing like cooking for yourself. Not only is everything under your control, your craving for ready-made junk food also dies out. Before the trip, do test a few easy to make recipes at home that require minimal ingredients and effort. Select simple, quick recipes to treat yourself with meals that are exactly specific to your likings and cravings.

Spicing up

Healthy food comes with a price, it’s mostly not tasty enough. But with the correct seasoning and spices you can turn even the most boring foods into a memorable, healthy meal. Bring along your favorite dressings and mixed spices to surprise yourself occasionally with a random choice.

Avoid junk food pit-stops

Try to avoid junk and fast food during your bathroom breaks or on filling stations. Much as they’re tempting and taste delicious, they’re prone to make you sick because of the extra preservatives. If you’re starving and the planned meal is hours away, always go for the lighter options. At restaurants, choose the menu options with the most greens, fiber and the least calories.



Binge eating can be healthy too if you have packed up good snacking options. Here’s a list of 10 healthy snacks we think you must have with you on your road trip:

  1. Roasted Peanuts and almonds
  2. Fresh fruits like apples, berries and grapes
  3. Pop corns and crackers
  4. Dates, Granola bars & roasted chickpeas
  5. Dark chocolates
  6. Walnuts
  7. Peanut butter sandwich
  8. Popcorn
  9. Greek yogurt
  10. Pure fruit juices

Keep it safe and clean

One of the most important things people on road trips tend to ignore is their personal hygiene and cleanliness. Get your car a good internal wash before the trip. Use a hand-sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes to clean a spill in the car. Get rid of your disposable tableware regularly and take the trash out every time you make a stop. Never skip brushing your teeth. Take a shower whenever you get a chance.

These are simple yet effective ways to keep your health good and ensure a great traveling time for you and your family without any unnecessary trouble.