Going On A Road Trip: Make Sure of These Things Are Right in Your Rental Car

Road Trip is fun. Going together with the gang or the family, driving through the road enjoying the beauty of nature, relaxing and feeling the freedom leaving daily problems behind, yeah it is blissful. However, your car might not be suitable enough for a long drive like this. You can rent a vehicle through Pittsburgh airport car rental. It is actually cheaper option, you can choose the car according to your need, etc. But you do not know the inside out of the rented car like your own. For that reason, here are five things you need to check in your rented car.

1. Steering:

You need to take it for a ride before you rent a vehicle. Whether steering alignment is right or it is pulling to one side, either left or right. The other things like suspension, vibration and engine sound are also important. If the steering is too hard there might be a problem with power steering fluid leakage.

2. Leaks:

Leaks are the second thing that needs to be checked. Make the under the hood checks for fluid level. Check for oil and coolant levels. If the levels are low there might be a chance of leakage. It is, therefore, a good idea to check the various components and hoses below the car for any possible leaks.


3. Seats and Storage Capacity:

If you are going with all of your family then you may need a seven seater or 12 seaters. The same is for going with friends as well. Then each person will have his or her own luggage or may be more than one luggage. So it is a good idea to check for seats and storage capacity of your rented car.


4. Wheel:

If you rent a vehicle, check for the wheels as well. Tires are one of the most important parts of the vehicle. Check for tread depth, check the surface for any major damage, bubbles or inflections also tire pressure. See if you have an extra wheel in the car.

5. Brake Pads:

The brake pads are made of metal and composite inner part. The inner part should be at least over 5 mm thick. If your rental car has less than that, you need to get it changed or get a new vehicle. Check for the braking fluids level. If there are at low make sure there is no leak and get them refueled before the trip starts.

These are factors within the car. They are important for your safety and an enjoyable road trip. However, there are things that you need to consider other than these technical details as well.


These are secondary but equally important things like:

  • i. One way or Both way Rental
  • ii. Branch Locations
  • iii. Mileage Restriction
  • iv. Suitability of rented car
  • v. Payment methods
  • vi. Deposits
  • vii. Other Assistance
  • viii.Additional Drivers
  • ix. Tolls

Conclusion: Road Trips are an excellent idea to unwind but if you do not prepare well enough it might turn in to a disaster. Start planning for it and when you rent a vehicle make sure everything is just fine. Enjoy your road trip then.